aatm nirbhar bharat essay in english

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aatm nirbhar bharat:- The outstanding epidemic has given an army to make Mahatma Gandhiji’s soulful spectacle a reality. To fulfill Gandhiji’s this dream, our prime minister Shri Narendra Modiji started ‘aatm nirbhar Bharat abhiyan. Because of it we will make our 70 years old dream come true.

First we have dependent meaning zero meaning. aatm nirbhar bharat means dependent on the independent, not dependent on anyone. If we look at the ancient history of Indian civilization, think about the spirituality of Katki country. Most of us know that India was a country of various arts. In ancient times, Patolas of Patan in Gujarat were country birds. We are all familiar with the fact that the ruler was a torch, and for that, he gave Europe a beautiful and high image of India.

Meaning of aatm nirbhar bharat:-

aatm nirbhar bharat means that a person is self-sufficient without the support of others, fulfills his own needs, that is, it can be said to be self-reliant. If you specify today, for a country, all the equipment, materials, items, various requirements needed for India can be fulfilled from India itself, then we can talk to the countrymen.

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To make India atmanirbhar, our prime minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi announced ‘Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’, in which he addressed the country and said that this is the beginning of the highest debate for India’s economy. These plans are mostly not just reading things from all parts of life. It is for this reason that this demand has come to be called aatm nirbhar Bharat.

aatm nirbhar bharat essay

In present lots of daily routine things are produced by our neighbour country China. Our toys, little things of daily life. India is the largest market to sale toys and technical items for China. 60% of Chinese business depends on India. The aim is to produce a good quality product without depending on external factors. When India will become completely independent and aatmnirbhar Bharat then it will also be considered as a developed country.

The present matter is in context. For China, India is the largest sales center for toys and other technology related products. Thus, 60% of China’s trade is connected with India. Imports the most. Besides China, America, Korea, Saudi Arabia are also right in this category. which fulfills the demand for goods. If there is a basis for the development of India, then we have to be self-sufficient first. Only then we will be able to create India from a developing country. Aatmnirbhar Bharat will tell you the things necessary to remember this matter.

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Dream of aatm nirbhar Bharat:-

Since India got independence in 1947, the dream of making India self-reliant was to be seen. Civil disobedience campaign was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in India’s freedom movement before independence. In which the exclusion of substitutes was the problem of dependence on indigenous commodities. Mahatma Gandhi used independent indigenous things. Mahatma Gandhi used to wear khadi clothes prepared by himself.

aatm nirbhar bharat essay
aatm nirbhar bharat essay

But the thing to show is that today even after 70 years of independence we can make this dream come true that there is no possibility of any challenge against it. A decree regulates against its cause. But this epidemic is waiting to prepare India to fulfill its dream of becoming self-reliant again.
India’s struggle for self-reliance has been sitting since Mahatma Gandhi broke the law. This bandh has turned into a public fight, like I started charring vaatya khadi kadi or panch desh or becoming cotton fight. Things were discarded in a personal nature. Now this Atmanirbhar Bharat Pratharna will fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi brothers and the people of India.

Five pillars of Aatm nirbhar Bharat:-

(1) Economy :-

Indian economy is called that type of economy. It is very easy to change. As a shift towards self-reliance by transforming the text into a value economy.

(2) Infrastructure :-

The need for massive infrastructure that forms the identity of the modern India. India needs an outstanding infrastructure which gives it a special identity.

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(3) System :-

There is a need for a strong system that is not based on previous rules and regulations, and blind beliefs, but realizes the need of 21st century generation. It should be based on technology.

(4) Democracy:-

India is the country with the largest empire in the world. Democracy is the strength of India. It is a source of energy for efforts to make India self-reliant.

(5) Demand :-

The cycle of supply and demand in an economy is an asset. We need to use this wealth.

Benefits of creating a livelihood:-

  • If India is independent then your country will benefit a lot. A picture supporting the upliftment of the people and the country.
  • Self-reliant India will become a nation-building phenomenon.
  • Your country has to reduce aid to other countries.
  • New employment opportunities will arise.
  • The country fell with unemployment It will help to get rid of B too.
  • India’s economic condition will be strengthened.
  • Along with becoming self-sufficient, India will be able to stockpile more commodities.
  • The country will be able to go ahead and reduce the imports from other countries and increase the exports so that foreign exchange will be earned.
  • There will be less need to seek help from other countries in dire situations and disaster-like situations.
  • The production of indigenous products in the country will help the country to reach the heights of development

A message was given to the world by making a corona vaccine:-

Talking about the example of self-sufficient India, India has given a message to the world by making a vaccine for the global epidemic Corona that India is capable of doing anything. India has successfully produced the first corona vaccine. India-based Pune-based Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. Corona vaccine has been developed by Apart from India, this vaccine will also be sent to India’s neighboring countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), India’s vaccine is more effective than other countries’ vaccines. Which is a matter of pride for us.

aatm nirbhar bharat essay
aatm nirbhar bharat essay

The country faced many problems due to Corona epidemic. The country also faced several economic problems. Recently after the launch of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan many positive results have also come to light. We have provided an example for Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan by making indigenous ventilators in our own Gujarat. To fight against Corona in the country, PPP kits, masks, sanitizers etc. have started being made in India itself. Not only this, India has also released the vaccine to stop this global epidemic. Now we are fully confident that India will become fully self-sufficient in the near future. But for that we have to cooperate with all the countries.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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