Benefits of morning walk essay | benefits of morning walk paragraph

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Introduction: –

benefits of morning walk essay:- Everyone is always aware of their health. Hardly anyone cares. If one maintains health by taking satvik food, then by doing some exercise. Some even make their own lifestyle according to the doctor’s advice.

But in my opinion the best way to stay healthy is to walk early in the morning. You don’t have to have a garden to walk, you can walk anywhere – in the society, on the agaci, you can walk on the road outside. In the big cities, special roads have been prepared for walking, so that the citizens can walk there.

benefits of morning walk essay

Have you ever seen the sun rise or set from a hill? Many friends will answer yes. Walking early in the morning and seeing nature is the best way to stay healthy. Walking is not only good for health, it will help you to learn new things. Sometimes if you enjoy walking on a hill station, you will realize!

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One world is still in a deep sleep and on the other hand a new world is going to be proud with a new day with a new twist. So if you want to see this new world, you should definitely get up early in the morning, especially in winter or spring morning and go for a walk.

The quiet peace of the morning, the murmur of the river springs, the sweetness of the calm atmosphere, the terror of Tamara . Terror,. Have different fun.

Benefits of morning walk essay

Nature, which has rested all night while walking in the early morning, is in full bloom with its distinctive appearance. If we want to understand the secret of our poets rising and setting on the sun, it becomes necessary to go for a walk in the early morning and sit on a rock and watch the sun rise and enjoy it. Seeing the darkness rhythmically in the light that spreads slowly in the early morning, enjoying it is not written in everyone’s destiny.

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The dew drops on the grass in the early morning look like pearls and the rays of the sun fall on it and it glows, at such times the words of Makrand Dave come to mind.:

”સાચા મોતી નાખ નદીમાં ધૂળિયે મારગ ચાલ…”

On a foggy wet morning, the open field feels like paradise. Birds chirp as they greet nature. And slowly a new world is sitting idly by. Welcome a new morning, a new day with new inspiration and inspiration. Man gets death once, but life brings a new vigor, affection, beauty every day. So let’s enjoy it with a new look and learn to live properly.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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