flood essay in english | Flood – the destructive form of the rain

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flood essay in english :- The rainy season is the nutritious season of life. But when heavy rain i.e. Megharaja’s Tandava dance takes place, it remains destructive. The torrential downpour proves the terrible destruction of nature to the great power of nature and human perfection. The flood situation leads too many people homeless, death of valuable animals and a dangerous look of the nature.

flood essay in english Introduction:-

“अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत ।”.” This line of sanskrit applies to rain as much as it applies to all things and events. In terms of rainfall, there are two types of rainfall: excess rainfall and drought. When it’s too much rain compare to requirement, it calls excess rainfall, And when the rainfall is almost nothing compare to requirement then it is called draught. Whenever something access than requirement it always dangerous.

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Overcast concept:-

Excessive rainfall means too much rain than needed. Heavy rains are also called green drought. If the rain falls as required, it looks like nectar, but too much rain causes destruction. The life-giving rain for human and animal-birds destroys when it becomes heavy rain and breaks down. When it rains a lot in a single day or when it rains for three or four days in a row, all around is flooded. River – ditch, and the dam overflows. The occasional downpour of black clouds in the sky, thunderstorms, and thunderstorms make the atmosphere even more terrifying.

flood essay in english

Impact on public life::-

Heavy rains can wreak havoc on humans, livestock, and flora. Excessive rains wash away the crops planted in the fields, causing heavy losses to the farmers. If there is more rain in the riparian areas, the rivers flood, due to which the water recedes in the riparian areas and loss of life and property. Roads are broken due to heavy rains, disrupting traffic. There are many inconveniences caused by the collapse of electricity pylons. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by mosquito infestations, which can lead to epidemics. Thus, the entire public life is disrupted due to heavy rains.

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Precautions and remedies:-

The natural front is the human palmer. It is not possible to avoid natural disasters, but the damage to public life can be minimized through appropriate measures. People along riverbanks and low-lying areas should be evacuated when heavy rains are forecast. People should be provided with necessities of life in flooded areas with the help of boats and helicopters.


Heavy rains are very destructive to animals, birds and humans. We are constantly damaging the ecosystem due to the pursuit of modern lifestyles and facilities. Due to which such natural disasters are created. If we protect the environment, we will definitely be able to avoid such natural disasters.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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