essay on thunderstorm | hurricane essay

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hurricane essay:- During the life we have to pass through so many incidents. Natural disasters are part of it. Few area of the whole world is suffering from flood, cyclone, hurricane, tsunami, land sliding, rock sliding and other calamities.

essay on thunderstorm | hurricane essay

Moreover, due to pollution and the damage in Ozone layer ends in lots of natural disasters. Today we are going to see one of such calamities – HURRICANE.

The word “HURRICANE” itself explains a lot. The meaning of this four-letter word is sometimes very large, sometimes very terrible, and back to the destructive hurricane.

Suddenly news comes flying from somewhere that a storm has awakened in the sea, and today’s age is full of technology, so such news spreads in an instant. Such news seems to create a cloud of anxiety in the mind of man. A new storm awakens in a person’s mind. There are so many types it’s hard to say. Some worry about the crops being sold on their farms, some worry about their own raw houses, some worry about their young children, some worry about their livestock.

Where and to what extent will the hurricane strike? What will be the wind speed? How long will the hurricane last? And will there be a rain ride at the same time? How much will we lose? An anticipatory hurricane of worries comes to the minds of the people before the hurricane. It is natural to feel fear. The black-headed man, who has innumerable speculations in his mind, just stares at nature with a unique anguish. This is even before the hurricane, when the hurricane really comes?

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Suddenly the wind king’s speed seems to increase. Everything seems to be flying around. The green wind blows through the bushes and blows through the trees to the other side. The wind blows like an old tree. If a tree is bathed in wind, it also destroys the bush. All the crops of the fields seem to be destroyed. How can you see a crop grown like your own boy? Even the tat of the world becomes silent without saying anything and sees everything. Even a helpless man is forced to endure the wrath of nature.

hurricane essay

Whether it is green sorghum sorghum or green glass millet, it is also destroyed. And then maybe Mother Earth is asking if Sanchi has made us so big by being affectionate before, and now she is going to pinch us in an instant? Perhaps Mother Earth herself at that moment drank her own tears and pretended to be deaf.

The aging leaves of many shrubs die. The bursting kumni kumlo is scattered by the hand of the destructive wire. Numerous fragrances hidden in colorful flowers seem to escape in an instant. In a nest built on a bush branch, the feathers of many birds get stuck in the same throat. Even the twigs that have been uprooted fall to the ground with numerous complaints. Humans, animals, birds, insects, plants, vines, all living beings have cried out for help.

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Stormy winds on one side and torrential rains on the other, the body soaks the mind of man. On the one hand, the incomprehensible laughter of the waves of the sea, on the other hand, Ghodapur in the rivers made of some chariots. What to save and what to let go. It is difficult to save one’s life even if it is property. Fearing a terrible storm, even if the electricity goes off, it will be over. Many villages are becoming out of touch. Who is going against the wrath of nature? Who has to make numerous complaints? Only those who have faced this situation know how it happens.

Not everyone has a row house. Somewhere the roof of the pipe made of clay and somewhere the roof of the paper-tied hut. Whatever it is, the roof is its own. A family lives under the roof. The weight of many dreams is hidden under the roof. When nature assumes a monstrous form, the owner of Korakat dreams becomes Nodharo. Flying in the clutches of the forest, along with the tube, the bundle of man’s happiness also flies away. The roof is snatched away, dreams are snatched away, and the rest grows helpless to the helpless man.

In the Kachapocha house, there are some kheechadi, some grains and some pickles. In an instant, everything is ruined. Nowhere in the house does the stove burn so much land is left empty. Abal, the elderly survey starves and languishes. Even dumb beasts of prey are on the move.

The palace of dreams is visible. Future arrangements appear. The treasures of happiness sown are destroyed. Destruction 2. Destruction… .. Everywhere Just Destruction Heartbeat Beats Beats Beats

Indeed, when this ordeal of death is going on, the creature gets stuck in the palate. Yamaraj seems to be laughing in front of him. That at the moment the only prayer of the survey is “Save the Lord”.

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Slowly when the wind speed starts to decrease. The rain seems to breathe. Then a little laughter is felt. They experience a terrible storm as they slowly consolidate their empire. Even the speed of destructive thoughts entering the human mind seems to slow down gradually. Manoman probably seems to be thanking God for saving every living thing. Speaking of hurricanes, the situation after the hurricane is also tragic.

Some of the lines above show the tragedy after the hurricane’s departure. After a hurricane, a man starts to sneeze. The roof of the house or hut is gone. The homeless man seems to weave whatever is left broken. The whole aura seen through the blown roof looks like a single roof.

Only inanimate objects are destroyed. Someone’s wife, someone’s husband, someone’s brother, someone’s sister, or someone’s children, someone’s parents have gone with the hurricane. This situation is so horrible and cruel that it cannot even be described.

Why write down the grief of losing one’s loved ones? How to measure the mood of that time? In such a game of death only those who have lost themselves know what really happens. On the one hand, if a building is erected as if it was built with pebbles, it will crumble and crumble. On the other hand, if any relative of the house is absent.

Just imagining this situation makes our eyes water. So what will be the condition of the one who has passed away? Even if a person wants to complain after someone’s death, who will complain? The chariot of life becomes painless. It doesn’t matter if it is good or not.

In such a miserable condition, man begins to feel the bitter poison of life. Life begins to feel like a burden to someone who has fallen alone. Only in such a situation, if courage and positive thoughts are sown by someone again, the surviving man can start the journey again with a new life.

All I can say in the end is that any natural disaster like hurricane hurts the feelings under the roof. Let us all pray to God the Father to protect us from such a disaster.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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