The rainy season essay in english | monsoon season essay

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The rainy season essay in english:- Our country experiences three main seasons: winter, summer and monsoon. It gets cold in winter, hot in summer and rainy in monsoon. The seasons cycle back after eight months. In the unbearable heat of summer, animals, birds and people are crying out for help, rivers and lakes are drying up. At this time, everyone is waiting for the rain to come. Most of the people like the rainy season very much. Somewhere people are arranging rain dance parties.


The rainy season is the rainy season or the rainy season. The rainy season begins as soon as summer is over. As our country is an agricultural country, monsoon is considered to be a very important season. In most areas, agriculture is based on monsoon. The mainstay of agriculture and animal husbandry is rain. Humans, animals, birds and plants are responsible for rainfall. With the advent of rains, nature has flourished in sixteen arts, which is why the rainy season is called the queen of seasons.

The natural beauty of the rainy season:

As soon as the monsoon starts, black clouds appear in the sky. Scattered clouds sometimes appear in the sky and sometimes a sheet of thick clouds is spread. Also, sometimes the clouds are seen running as if they are competing with each other. The sun seems to be playing hide-and-seek among the clouds. Seeing such scenes awakens in everyone’s mind the hope of the arrival of rain. Megharaja is accompanied by the whistling of the wind, the flash of lightning and the thunder of the clouds. Sometimes it rains drizzle and sometimes it rains heavily. It often rains for three or four days in a row.

” ઓતર ગજ્યને દખણ વરસ્યા 
મેહુલ માંડ્યાં મંડાણ જો,
આવ્યો ધરતીનો ઘણી મેહુલો રે લોલ…..”

the rainy season essay

The arrival of the rain brings joy all around. The smell of wet soil has made the atmosphere sweet. Birds like peacock, bapaiya, chaatak, sing songs welcoming Mehula. The fish sway. Frogs fill the atmosphere with the sound of “Draw… Draw… Draw…”. The chirping of birds echoes through the air. The peacock dances with art. Farmers are seen marching towards the field singing songs of rain. The buffalo and the duck are happy with the arrival of the rain. Sitting by the window or standing in the courtyard, it is very fun to watch the rain and listen to its melodious music.

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The fun of bathing in the rain is understood only by those who bathe in the rain. Children enjoy splashing in the rain. The children enjoy making a paper boat out of the water. Someone goes out with an umbrella, someone wears a raincoat and goes for a walk in the rain. Small children dance in the rain, jump, sing, welcome the rain.

“આવ રે વરસાદ, ઘેબરિયો પરસાદ;
ઊની ઊની રોટલી ને, કારેલાંનું શાક.

With the arrival of rain, green grass grows on the earth. The earth takes on a new form. There is a beautiful view of the earth wearing a green sari. It is fun to walk barefoot on the grass. Reservoirs flooded by rainwater seem to come alive. The fields seem to be green. The rainbow that is frequently seen this season is adorned in the Nilgagan. The beautiful lines written by the poet Shri Ramesh Parekh describing the beauty of rain come to mind.

‘‘થરથર ભીંજે આંખ-કાન, વરસાદ ભીંજવે
શ્રેને કોનાં ભાન-સાન, વરસાદ ભીંજવે.”

Impact of monsoon on public life:

 As soon as the rains come, happiness spreads all around. Farmers go to the fields with enthusiasm, preparing their farm implements and oxen. Such scenarios are rare in modern times due to the use of tractors and mechanical equipment. As soon as the crop grows, greenery spreads all around. People celebrate different festivals to celebrate.

Festivals like Janmashtami, Paryushan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dussehra and Diwali are the main ones. People enjoy such festivals. Fasting. Such festivals and celebrations, along with the crops being prepared on the farm, make folk life greener. After the arrival of the rains, it is different fun to visit places of natural beauty. Noisy flowing springs, lush forests and riverside attractions attract tourists.

the rainy season essay
the rainy season essay

Air, water and food are our main needs. In which we get abundant air from nature, but water and grains are due to rain. Grains for our livelihood as well as fodder required for animal husbandry are due to rain.

Just as the right amount of rain has a good effect on the ecosystem, too little or too much rain can cause a lot of damage. Excessive rainfall overflows the river channel. If the rivers flood, the water returns to the surrounding areas. Goods and livestock are strained. Farmers are ruined as crops are washed away.

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Heavy rains sometimes cause mud houses to collapse, straining the homes of the poor and straining cattle. Often people also have to migrate. Excessive waterlogging increases the infestation of flies, insects and mosquitoes which leads to outbreaks. Hospitals seem to be overflowing with patients with deadly diseases like malaria, dysentery, jaundice, dengue.

Life becomes difficult even if there is very little rain or no rain. Crops planted in the fields dry up due to lack of water. Lack of grain and fodder makes it difficult for humans and animals to get food. The riverbed dries up. The collapse of farming and agro-based employment creates problems such as starvation and unemployment. As the water table deepens, the vegetation also dries up.


The rainy season is truly life-giving. Grain, water and natural beauty are attributed to the monsoon. That is why the rainy season is called the queen of seasons. Many poets have written very nice annals about the rainy season. Let’s enjoy few lines on rain from  poets.

તમે મન મૂકી વરસો, ઝાપટું આપણને નહીં ફાવે,
અમે હેલીના માણસ, માવઠું આપણને નહીં ફાવે. – Khalil Dhantejvi

આંખોમા બેઠેલા ચાતક કહે છે, મારું ચોમાસું ક્યાંક આસપાસ છે;
ગાલો પર લજ્જાની લાલી ફૂટ્યાનું કોઈ કારણ પૂછે તો કહું ખાસ છે.-  Tushar Shukla

તન ભીંજવે આ મેહુલો, કેમ મન રહે કોરું?
વરસાદી પાણી સાથે આ મનડું પલળે લાગણીમાં…Snehal Jani

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani

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