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    સૈર કર દુનિયાકી ગાફિલ, જિંદગાની ફિર કહાં.

    જિંદગાની અગર રહી તો , નૌજવાની ફિર કહાં .

importance of travelling essay:- These verses of the famous Urdu shayar explain the importance of travel to him. The monotonous life from birth to death makes festivals, occasions, fairs and tourism as enjoyable and memorable. Travel has always been at the forefront of human life, be it primitive man or modern technology. Travel has a different significance at every stage of life.

In Gujarati it is said that, “ફરે તે ચરે” means if you travel, you will learn something and you will enjoy your life. At least oncence in a year everyone should visit some place. It helps you to get mental relax. You will get new energy for the remaining year.


As soon as you hear the word travel, many different pictures come to your mind, your mind dances and your feet become hurried. Such a huge word that it seems difficult to explain in a nutshell, even if the meaning of travel is to say travel means to go from place to place. Travel is also called emigration. In which country means place and aton means to wander. But travel cannot be limited to just traveling. Travel is all about getting to know a place, enjoying it, and enjoying it for a while.

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The importance of travelling :-

Every continent on earth is naturally different from each other. Diversity is found in the folklore, habitat, fauna and flora of each region. In some areas there are high mountains and in some areas there are deserts or plains. There are snow-capped peaks and rushing rivers. There is also diversity in the people and animals of each area. These variations attract people to travel to different places.

importance of travelling essay

Travel in antiquity:-

Travel has been a major part of human life since prehistoric times. Primitive man lived a nomadic life and traveled from forest to forest in search of food. Due to lack of travel facilities, they were living a nomadic life in the early stages. Even on a very short journey, a long time flows. Then gradually they would have been traveling with the help of animals like horses, camels. The main purpose of his trip was to find food, but due to constant travel he was familiar with the characteristics of animals and plants in many areas. It was his nomadic life that led him to a permanent life by the river. Thus, it can be seen that even for the beginning of a permanent life, his traveling life proved to be helpful.

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The importance of travel in life:-

Man gets tired of constant monotonous life. The blind race behind money and conveniences makes life dull. In modern times, life has become very hectic. Travel plays a very important role in making such a dull life alive and pleasant. When a person goes for a tour, he sees new things, places, magnificent constructions, rivers, mountains, springs, trees etc. Beautiful cities, gardens, natural beauty, and mountainous terrain enchant her mind. It entertains the person, which proves to be very beneficial for health. To escape the unbearable heat of summer, one goes for hiking in high mountainous places. He knows about the folk life, accommodation, dress etc. from traveling to different places. Which awakens the spirit of brotherhood.

importance of travelling essay

At every stage of life, travel is of paramount importance. Students have a curiosity to learn something new in life. There is so much more to learn about any historical place and natural places than just reading from books, a real tour of places of historical and natural significance. A lot can be learned about the geographical location of any place, its folklore, natural features etc. What is read is forgotten but what is seen is always memorable. Children get acquainted with nature through trips to places of natural importance like forests, parks, reservoirs, riverside places, zoos etc. Their curiosity is satisfied. They develop the qualities of love of nature and protection of the environment.

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It is fun to hang out with friends in your youth and to make those moments of life memorable. The only way to have fun is to travel freely and enjoy life to the fullest. Due to the convenience of travel these days, remote tourist destinations can be reached in a very short time. A variety of rides and recreational facilities at tourist destinations make the trip enjoyable.

Nowadays, adventurous tourists are risking their lives to travel to places with different natural features. They have also climbed Mount Everest, the highest peak in the Himalayas.

Nowadays people have to travel very long distances due to the convenience of fast travel. International travel is being promoted. Due to which people have come to know about the life, customs, environment, historical places etc. of the countries of the world. Relations between the countries are improving due to international travel. The spirit of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” has developed.


Indeed, the importance of travel has multiplied in today’s hectic and stressful life. It is through tourism that pride, love of nature and brotherhood towards cultural heritage is born in people. Thus travel benefits the individual as well as the society and the country so the importance of travel is increasing in every country. The Department of Tourism is constantly striving for the development of tourist destinations and the convenience of tourists by the Government of India.

Written by:- Mrs. Snehal Rajan Jani.

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